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Thank You!

Many thanks to those who have donated their time, talent, and finances, including:


Our 2012 Donors:


1 Marine Survey LLC
Adrian and Joanne Sheeley
Aleutian Isle Fisheries LLC c/o Jim Bodding
Alexander Bruce and Margaret E. Evertz
Alexandra L. and William R. Mathis
Alice Bohnker Insurance Services LLC
Alpha Sigma Master
Anacortes Christian Church
Anacortes Health and Nutrition
Anacortes Lutheran Church
Anacortes Noon Kiwanis Club
Anacortes Property Management
Anacortes Rotary Club
Anita Sanderson
Ann Gayle
Ann Hostler
Ann Sorenson
Annabelle House Fox
Arthur C. and Marilyn C. Cawrse
Barbara Weaver
Barrett Financial, LTD.
Barry and Sheryl Schaeffer
Becky and Jaunty Rutter
Betsy Rogers
Betty A. Carteret and Eric J. Shen
Betty and Stephen J. Miller
Betty J. Knudson
Betty J. Rockwell
Betty Jo Wright
Bill and Ann Noble
Bill and Ann Testerman
Bill and Debbie Bethards
Bottom Time Diving Services c/o James Gardner
Brian E. and Debora H. Carroll
Burton C. and Debra L. Newbry
Carl and Ann Cady
Carl and Karen Elliott
Carol and Kit Harma
Chandler's Square Walking Club
Charlotte and Jim Bodding
Charlotte Martin
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ the King Community Church
Christine M. and Brian Youngquist
Christopher S. Sherman
Claire Pinnow
Clara Remmenga
Cliff and Amy Cisco
Clifford E. and Johanna W. Finkbohner
Comer A. Larue and Emilie D. Fenlon
Constance J. Clemens
Curt and Carol Rodin
Curtis and Nicoline Payne
Curtis Payne Insurance
Daniel Smith
Danny Beatty
David and Deborah Hall
David S. and Kathleen M. Smith
Dean and Rebecca Jahns
Debbie Amos and Phil Cohen
Deborah Bonner
Dederick C. Ward and Susan Parke
Denise M. Morgan
Derry E. and Marilyn M. Bowles
Diana Jordan-New and Jonathon New
Diana M. Childs
Diane and Harold Eiesland
Dianna G. Robb
Diocese of Olympia
DJ Fuqua Revocable Trust
Don and Jean Elo
Don G. and Marie E. Ibsen
Donn and Doreen Wilson
Donna Fostvedt
Doris W. Holmes
Dorothy Lane
Dr. Gary Hudak, M.D., PLLC
Dr. Richard A. and Mrs. Zelma L. Fussell
Dunton's Body Shop Inc.
E. Michael Lindsay-Jones
E. S. and Marilyn A. Bell
Earl and Jody Honomichl
Ed and Ruth Mazur
Ed Mozeski and Deborah Saltness
Edward and Diann Bradley
Edward Malick
Egil J. and Inez H. Pederson
Elizabeth  and Von Kuehn
Ellen A. Gorr
Ellen Kaiser
Elsie M. Mullinaux Living Trust
Eric and Janet Boge
Eric and Silja Shjarback
Eric N. and Lynette L. Johnson
Ernie and Joan Handelmann
Eva and Bret Fox
Everett E. and Elizabeth A. Huff
Fidalgo Island Church of Christ
Fidalgo Sports and Physiatry
First Baptist Church
Forrest and Molly McIntosh
Francis and Rose Marie Orr
Frank and Betty A. McCoy
Fred and Judith Curow
Friel J. Smith and Susan K. Wood
Gail and Glenn King
Gail King
Gene and Marilyn Derig
George and Laura Jane Viverette
Gloria and Kenneth Shelton
Grace and Catherine Novicky-Soes
Guemes Island Community Church
H.F. Stone
Hanspeter and Brigitte Gehrig
Harold and Martha Clure
Harold L. and Carol T. Harrington
Heather McPhail
Heidi Marier
Helen Baumgartner
Helen Bliss
Helen Buffum
Helen Heneks
Helene and Maurice Fink
Herbert Pearson
Hugh and Diana W. Kendrick
Hugh and Letitia Hafer
Ian S. and Diane S. Munce
In Memory of Donn Fraser
Island Espresso
Ivar and Phyllis Dolph
J. Beth and Kevin Meenaghan
J.K. Perry
Jack and Anne Brooks Middleton
Jack and Cynthia Richardson
James A. and Kathleen L. Crone
James Kirk and Janet Lowry
Janet Miller
Janet R. Hersey and Jay Ham
Jeff and Linda Hendricks Family Foundation
Jeff and Valerie Holtgeerts
Jerlyn Caba
Jim and Lorene Schaffner
Joanne and David Witiak
Joe A. Sladich and Eileen M. Mulcaire
John and Adrienne Slagboom
John and Ella Alexander
John and Judy Petersen Lavallee
John and Mary Bame
John and Rachael Hachey
John C. and Geraldine Gunn
John L. Scott
John Lunsford and Lisa Jackson
John Tursi
Jon and Leslie Ostlund
Jon McLeod
Joyce E. Toomer
Joyce Sabljak Burns and Jerry J. Burns
Joycelyn Schroedel
K J Gass
Karin Kenney
Kathryn Alexandra
Kathryn and Lucien D'Amelio
Kay Dow
Kaylene Farley
Kenneth Davis and Carole Buffum
Konrad Kurp,  K. K. Construction
Laborers International Union of North America Local 901
Lani Donohoe
Laura H. Smith
Laurie and Paul Sherman
Leslie T. and Sharon B. Cooper
Let Sara Do It Inc
Lexie Lamborn and Aurthur Shotwell
Linda Ricksen
Lisa Doyle
Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahais of Anacortes
Lois Gamble Duncan
Louise T. Deskey
Lovric's Sea-Craft, Inc.
Lowman House LLC
Lyle Newport
Lynnette Setmire and Robert Woods
M Olson
Madeline Bell
Maj James and Dorothy Stephens
Marc L. Estvold, Inc.
Marcia Hunt
Margaret J. Tuffey
Margaret Sheffer
Maria Papritz
Marian B. Rollin
Marianne and Scott B. Nash
Marilyn Missimer
Marilynn and Sanford Hampton
Mark and Alison Miller
Mark and Cecilia Spahr
Mark H Lamon
Mark W. and Susan M. Harris
Mary and James Sikkema
Mary Ann Hatfield
Mary Brady and Don Power
Mary C. and H. Harry Chandler
Mary Tourtelot Casetta
Maxine C. Roose
Maxine McCurley
Melvyn and Violet Critchley
Michael Fogarty
Michelle Corriveau McPhee
Mike Murphy and Charmaine Johannes
Molly and Larry Dutton
Nelle and Dick Jacobson
Nicole Chang
Norleen Koponen
Norm and Judy Chapman
P.E.O. Chapter HO
Pat Steffani
Pat Wood
Patricia A. and Darwin L. Anderson
Patricia Dossi
Patricia J. Rodriguez
Patrick Shainin
Paul and Claudette Benz
Paul and Rene Vance
Paul M. and Karen B. Maughan
Paul N. and Lorraine M. Sund
Per and Barbara M. Lea
Phillip Elvrum
Pilgrim Congregational Church
RADM Robert W. and Judith E. Higgins
Ray W. and Carolyn A. Bloom
Reese and Virginia Perkins
Rhonda and James McNett
Richard and Linda Nelson
Richard Bergner
Richard Bergstrand
Rick and Linda Stevens
Rick and Meredith Machin
Rick Sleeper
Robert A. McElroy Sr and Rita M. Yribar
Robert and Ann Lundquist
Robert and Beulah Anderson
Robert and Ellen Miller
Robert and Judy Holmes
Robert and Kenlyn Blecker
Robert and Maureen Mullen
Robert Gruber
Robert L. Edmons and Helen A. Lebel Edmons
Robert N. and Margaret J. Critchlow
Robert Prescott
Ron and Donna Radtke
Rosita M Fraley
Roy J. and Sheila J. Pringle
Roy W. and Darlene Martin
Rudolph G. Buerger
Ruth M. and Patricia A. Saillard
Ryan Walters
Sally-Ann Spurling
Samish Tyee
Sandra K. Berlin
Sara Shao-McVay
Sarah Hoenselaar Winston
Sarah Jones
Scott Richards Insurance, INC
SeaBear Smokehouse
Seventh Day Adventist Church of Anacortes
Sharon A. Johnson
Sharon and Steven Keith
Sheila Pritchett
Shell Oil Company
Sherman Physical Therapy
Sherry D. and Terry D. Barber
Skagit County Community Action Agency
Skagit Valley Camera Club
Soroptimist International of Anacortes
St. Vincent De Paul / St. Mary's Conference
Stephen Hill and Nancy Durell
Steven and Linda Anderson
Steven J. Courtney and Diane Oster-Courtney
Sue Block
Susan and Michael Goad
Susan R. Gerard
Susan Rombeek
Tara Havard
Terry O'Toole
The Bevy - In Care of Carol Wilder
The Friday Boys c/o Bob Cromack
The Markets, LLC.
The Shiflett-Woolsey Family Fund / Vanguard Charitable Endowment Fund
Thomas J. Lebovsky
Tina Hoxie
Tom Cammack
Tony and Joanna Idczak
Tracie Smith
Tracy and Robert Hancock
Trevor and Carol Kyle
United Methodist Church
Vicki Stasch
Victoria Heald Morell
Wanda Jerrit
WELCA c/o J. Christensen
Westminster Presbyterian Church
William and Marcia Short
William and Rosalie Myers
William and Susanna Epler
William E. and Wendy P. Rabel
Windemere Real Estate
Yale W. and Sheila M. Gifford

Yellen Family 1999 Trust c/o Stuart and Ann Yellen





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